The Daily Babble
2001-06-21 02:33:13 (UTC)

I hate the telephone!!!

So morning class wasn't so bad today...I managed to watch
MOST of the video she showed =-) Took some notes and went
off to work....

Since I had gotten lunch for everyone yesterday, Nimra and
Muhammed went to some lunch from an Italian deli this
time. They called and asked if an eggplant sandwich was
ok...I said it was fine and they came back. ...Well first
off, it was HUGE...and it wasn't that good! But Nimra's
sandwich was even worse so she had some of mine.

But the reason I hate phones is this...Today was supposed
to be the day for us to catch up on all the billing...but
Magda didn't come in AGAIN!....So in a half hour, I only
got to one chart cuz there were so many phone calls! So in
the 4 hours I was there, I was answering more phone calls
than anything else...

Mustafa [Muhammed's brother] started teasing me cuz of my
color scheme on my computer and Muhammed started teasing me
about Jeff's picture, but that's ok =-)

I sent him out a letter and a lil card today =-)

Um what else? Nite class was a lil short today cuz there
was only 3 presentations. I was dumb, I shoulda done my
presentation today so I wouldn't have to go to class
tomorrow but oh well....

Then I drove to A.C. Moore and bought something...I almost
bought those cool gel pens but I stopped myself and
didn't..I'm so obsessed with pens! But next paycheck, I'm
goinog back to buy some! Hehe. Ok I'm finished.

Gotta go finish that paper! Email me if you wanna read it!