nobody cares
2002-06-18 21:40:10 (UTC)

summer life sucks

i hate my life summer is so sukky the weather isnt good at
all and all i want to do is be with someone
doesnt matter who it is because im all alone
i wish i had somewhere to go to like a friends house or
my last day off tommorow before i have to work practically
the whole summer and i have nothing to do
gee i even had to spend the day with my father which was a
and i live out in the sticks so theres nowhere to go and
the only store in my reach is about 4 miles or more away
no buses not even my drivers lisens
my parents always work
and i always have to do all the chores
my sir prince bother gets to run the roads and not care
aobut anything
life sucks

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