Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-06-18 21:19:53 (UTC)

Step In Time, Step In Time....

Up On The Railings...

Today has been great, I didn't quite get round to
mentioning it...

Went up to our old school, and to our surprise and delight,
people were equally happy to see us as we were them. If I'm
brutally honest, its nice to speak to people with whom you
are familiar but so much so that you don't need to speak,
you can just be with them, so that things like Big Brother
become appealing, so you have somebody else's lives to
discuss. I doubt anybody would watch such things if they
had no-one to discuss it with.

Anyway, I digress. It was great to speak to people who (I)
felt were genuinely interested in how we'd progressed since
we left them, all of 2 years ago now, though it seems at
times longer and shorter. Thinking about the school, it
seems longer, but the people - I didn't really get on with
them - a lot shorter. I suppose its the choirboys on the
county boundary again.

So...a hello to anybody who knew me more before I left for
uni. People are in my thoughts a lot more frequently than
events. I've got to go now. Things to sort out, West Ham
away to play.

WILT? Nothing as such but the line "30 grand to the highest
bidder for Chris Rock's head" has been rattling around my
head a lot of the day.