Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-06-18 21:10:34 (UTC)

I'm Bad....I'm Bad...No. No, I'm not.

So, since I've been back's been a few days. I've only been
spurred into action by a Yorkshire (speech) article in the
H'field Daily Examiner today - wonderfully refreshing, if
frustratingly in normal rather than phonetic
representation - but I can always remedy such things.

That was quite nice - nicer than the court case of the
barman who was tied up and shot in the back of the head,
any road. Nicer than whichever website that I've visited
has put about 50 porn sites in my favourites, dotted around
so I can't track them all (or any, it seems) down. I can
only guess it was a game related site. He says, being
whiter than white.... surely no-one knows me as well as
myself...and that's all I CAN think of....

Spiderman (that's with no stress on the 'man') I've seen
twice now, and was a lot less disappointed the second time
around. That's to be expected...I knew what was coming, and
other than a few highlights...facial expressions, and very
well produced fight scenes...I don't know something was
missing. There seemed to be little or no guile in the whole
film, and a blindingly obvious plotline weaved slowly
toward its sequel predicating climax.

I'm not irritated by it, but I much preferred A Beautiful
Mind, and for that matter the other Kirsten Dunst film that
I saw of late The Virgin Suicides...she's only improving,
and Spidermanider wasn't the best film to see that. Watch
Bring It On instead. The acting is....for me unimportant.

For those of you who've been following me for a while, Kid
Loco released a new album this Monday, which I own, but
have only heard the first track on, which was a lot more
guitar-ry than I expected...but its his album...and the new
Oasis single Stop Crying Your Heart Out is wonderful, but I
can't get hold of it yet.

And now? Now I'm back to a closed home, curtains and
everything 9.20-ish, such are the demands on my
mothers time during the day.