Four Rooms
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2002-06-18 20:58:51 (UTC)

Ahhh! Pants!!!

Since I entered High School, I have been becoming weirder
and weirder. Maybe it's because of Drama Club. Maybe it's
the people I hang out with. Or maybe, just maybe, it's
something else.

I am convinced that three years ago, pants, all over the
world, came together and had a meeting. In this meeting,
they discussed their plans for the complete domination of
the human race.

Their major goal was to steal all the sanity left in
everyone they came into contact with. This would leave the
human race, a bunch of mindless, blithering idiots and then
pants would rule the world.

I'm still uncertain as to why pants would want to rule the
world, or even more confusing, what have we done to them,
that would make them want to attack us?

We as a people must come together and figure out a way to
rise up against pants, and take back the sanity that is

I will continue to search for more information through my
connections. Until then, don't wear pants!