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2001-06-21 02:30:42 (UTC)

I am back....but not in black, well, sort of, in a way.........

It has been a while since I have last written in here.
Since like the 1st of june. I have been busy though, after
graduating and going to Florida, and yesterday seeing Tim
leave my life for 6 months, I think I have been busy, and
not to mention very upset:( I had a blast in Florida. I
would like to live where we stayed at. When I got back in
Ohio the weather was nice, and I did feel like I was at
home. But Florida was very nice. Tim and I quarreled now
and then. He always gets his wacky ideas that I am ignoring
him or that I am not interested in him over stupid stuff.
But we have been doing pretty well. I think yesterday, when
he left, was our moment of truly knowing-to each other- and
letting each other know that we truly do love each other.
We cried yesterday. It was a truly life changing moment for
me. I felt like I had lost a peice of my soul yesterday and
I won't get it back until December. Just hearing him say
his sweet words and seeing him cry, it truly meant a lot to
me, especially because we have been going through so much
off and on crap. (believe me we have!) I think he truly
does have his head on straight. he just gets misunderstood
because he wants to do what is right for me, and he wants
me happy, and I think that he probably thinks I am gonna be
unhappy without him for 6 months, which is very very true,
but he thinks I will be so unhappy that I will find someone
else, and then when he comes back I will not be there for
him! Which is definatlely untrue. He is definately a
stubborn man, let me tell you! But I love that stubborn
man. I truly feel that he is my soulmate. I love him with
all my heart. I hope that we can break the barriers of
these hardships that we have come across and the ones that
are surely to come our way in the future times. But I am
prepared... with him beside me.. my love. well, I hope to
hear from someone. Let me know how you are.. take care.
Love, Jen:)