Big whoaday
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2001-06-21 02:25:35 (UTC)


Dear Journal,
At church tonight, June 20th,2001, Andrea has informed me that in the
scheme of things i am
nothing but alittle insignificant part of her life and that
she doesnt really care about me problems, because her self
esteem is so low, she has come to a relaization that: Life
sucks, She will never be happy, and that she is destined to
be always in a bad mood. Sad thing is that i could make her
happy if she would just let me. But Nooooooooooooo see we
are going to Church camp in like 11 days and she soooooooo
needs that but she isnt gonna go and so she is never gonna
grow like those of us that are going, soooooooooooo once
again i always pick the women that dislike me, have EXTREME
emotional problems,or both!!! OHHHHHHh i hate it bue i jsut
gotta trust in god and he will lead me out of this
struggle. Mental note: Stay strong. Well i gotta go,

Brian Norris
June 20th,2001

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