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2001-01-03 21:59:16 (UTC)

December 3, 2001 New Years Eve..

December 3, 2001

New Years Eve was really fun. He had to work until 11:00.
I went to his house with his family at about 9:00. I sat
around and talked with his parents, aunts and uncles, and
grandma and grandpa for a while. Then I played with his
three little cousins. They waited until he got there to
start the fireworks. He went down in the yard with all the
men to help with the fireworks while all the ladies (me
included) sat on the porch with the children to watch. I
sat cuddled up with two of his cousins, one on one side
and one on the other, under three blankets. About ten
minutes after the fireworks started, he came up and sat
behind me straddling my back, and put his gloved hands
over my ears to keep them warm. He tilted my head back and
kissed me on the forehead. He didn't say a word, we just
sat there and watched the fireworks for another forty-five
minutes. It was sooo sweet. My heart melted. Then
today, he sat me down and had a talk with me. He said he
realized that he'd been a jerk these past few weeks and he
was sorry. He's not perfect and he knows that, but that's
no excuse. He doesn't want me to ever doubt his love for
me just because he may act like a jerk sometimes. He said
that he never has to doubt how I feel for him because I
show it all the time, a whole lot better than he could
ever hope to. But that I mean more to him than life
itself. If somebody were to point a gun at my head, he
would take the bullet for me because there is no way he
could sit there and watch somebody kill me. Even if
somehow they did, he couldn't live without me.