My Spiritual Quest
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2001-06-21 02:12:09 (UTC)

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Over a year ago, I began attending rituals with a local
coven. I had been studying Wicca for about two years at
that point and decided that I needed a community of
likeminded people to learn from. So, it has been 15 moons
since I first started attending these rituals. I chose to
attend as a student to learn as much as I could. I have not
learned as much about Wicca and Pagan lifestyles as I had
hoped to learn from this group; however, I have learned a
lot about how public circles are run in a large coven. This
is my only experience with a coven. I truly hope that there
are other covens out there that go about this in a much
more spiritual light with a greater understanding of the
God and the Goddess because my experience has been less
than satisfying. I suppose that is what my friends
call "fundamentalist" pagans. It would seem that more
lately the group has become full of back-biting and small
cliques that seem to feel of higher "rank" than others.
This is not what I would consider the most spiritual group.
Actually, I have yet to feel any presence of the divine in
any ritual that I have been to.
Why do I continue to go? Well, for lack of any other groups
in this area. The South is not a great place for finding
covens. Many people in the Bible belt still feel threatened
by the existence of pagan groups who openly practice.
Therefore, many people do not make it openly known that
they are practicing Earth-based religions. We still feel a
necessity to stay hidden for our own safety.