Same Drug
2002-06-18 18:57:39 (UTC)

i was helping my mom book a..

i was helping my mom book a holiday online today... looks
like they'll go away for a couple of weeks and i'll get the
place to myself. i love that....i got paid today also so it
has been a good day.Beth and i went to the mall and bought
strawberries and sat in the sun eating them during lunch
break, i hated having to go back to work after that! i
emailed college asking if it was too late to apply
aswell... and when i buy stamps i'll post off the
application form (tomorrow, hopefully) and from then on it
will either be excellent news or crap news. one things for
sure... i can go on working in the bank for much longer
than the summer or i shall die of boredom!

i love getting paid but by the time i pay rent and put
money in my savings account i shall only have enough to
live off which issnt too good as i plan to buy my leeds
ticket sometime soon. infact thats the next thing ive got
to look forward to!

rite im off to watch TV and maybe have some dinner.

current music: New Found Glory - My Friends Over You.
(coz friends are ALWAYS more important than guys.

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle (coz you gotta be individual
and not change ofr anyone)

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