my entity
2002-06-18 18:40:32 (UTC)

a must!

yeah, after the first hp that i did...i think i need to
boost myself more to study a lot about web page designs and
development..on my way...

did a little "session" with a friend (Badz) regarding some
techniques in making a webpage (perhaps more complicated
ones than what i did, since i can say that my first was a kinda kiddy
hp! LOL) and im glad that he encouraged on my way planning the next hp that ill make after
i have finished all the links on my first one.

another thing is that, i must also study some least with the help of online tutorials
from the internet and hopefully i could create simple to
complex programs...and i am praying for this..that i may
have the time and the "mood"

pray for me also!

2:40 AM