SuGaR RuSh
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2002-06-18 17:40:59 (UTC)


good morning all *its 1:35 pm* lol...yesterday i went 2
kennywood w/ erin brit and fun amber finally rode
the thunder bolt yaya 4 her...she knows she loved it after
we rode it 5 times lol i never ate so much in my life...and
lol no one puked 2 which was good and my legs hurt
SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad :( i was in the weirdest mood @ nite
2..erin thought i was drunk lol...when i got home i went
online and i was talkin 2 ppl..i dun member who..i dun
member a word i siad last nite 2 ppl..but i do remember
talkin 2 zach...i think i may have told him that i would
sleep w/ him or not VEERY sleep
still so im gunna go byez...oh yaaaa i got a monkeyyy

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