Meshed Up
2002-06-18 13:44:35 (UTC)


my parents told me a little story about myself as a child.
they said, one time when i was around 5 or 6, i went
somewhere with them and then i didn't want to come back
home with them.

when we were about to go back, they found out that i didn't
wanna go home with them so they forced me to get on the car
and succeeded (me being little and all). i was so mad that
while the car sped along the road, i grabbed the door
handle and opened it and almost 'toppled off' (dad 2002).

anyway mom was able to grab me on time so i didn't fall
off...which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same

hmmm...even when i was a child, i disliked my parents that
much that i was willing to get off a moving car. perhaps i
was just plain hard-headed and stubborn.

talked to the great sir menguin again this afternoon. felt
nice talking to him. he has many secrets and many dreams
which i hope he will be able to fulfill one day. i truly
believe in you sir. this will sound selfish, but i'm very
happy that you became a teacher because i'm grateful that i
met you. you have changed my life in many ways. and if you
do intend to work in another country, you know where i want
you to go.

'from the way you think now, i don't think law is good for
you. but you are a good writer. your works are natural, you
don't try to make them come across as literary works but
they somehow are. you don't believe me? i suggest you do
this. compile all your works, even those you just write in
your journal, put in a title, write a different name as the
author, let others read it, and you will see.'

spoken by the great jeferlito menguin who is planning to
start a philosophy school of his own called menguinism.

sir menguin: the political science student who aspired to
be a lawyer, who went to seminary and almost became a
priest, who ended up as a teacher because of his quest to
change the world. a wise man who i'm very very impressed
with. and he has impressed some things in my mind as well.

graduates of philosophy are not philosophers. they are
simply graduates of philosophy.