Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-06-18 13:03:00 (UTC)

An Early Morning Rant...

I get up this morning, 6am, I hate waking up before
10am. But I have things to do, people to see and shit to
put with...

And I can't sleep anymore... I'd finally gone to sleep after
reading 3 chapters of Dante's Inferno, and my
brain was churning with thoughts of nihilistic morality
and contemplation of the higher order... I finally fell
asleep by about 1 am.....

I put on my black jeans, my black boxers, a black T,
black socks and my favorite forrest green sweater. I
look down upon my shoes, look to my boots, look to my
shoes again, I figure, ah, I wore my boots yesterday, no
need for them today, I'm feeling particularly cheery for
some reason.

I put my shoes on, I go downstairs, grab a couple of
Cold caplets, because I've had a cold for 3 days now, in
the middle of summer no fucking less. I take 2, it says
take one every 6 hours, fuckem.

I grab a glass of water, down the pills, look around,
there's cereal, eggs, bread, lots of stuff to make a
breaky.. But I feel like shit and decide, I don't need to eat

I trudge outside, there are clouds to the left of me, big
heavy grey "it's gonna rain" clouds. the right, it's sunny
and bright.

I have to go left... So I start walking, it's starts to sprinkle
a bit... I'm about 5 blocks and it starts to FUCKING
POUR out there....

My mom's is 5 blocks away, I don't remember if I have
an umbrella back at the house but I know I do at my
moms... so I stand there going FUCK!!!!!

I could go back, and then discover there isn't one there.
So, I decide to walk to my moms....

I'm practically soaked to bone....

My trench, ugh, soaked, my shoes, soaked. If I'd worn
my boots, I wouldn't be soaked, my leather jacket is in
storage. Halfway across the city, okay not that far, but if I
was walking it would feel like it....

it's 8am....

It's not raining anymore....

I'm still wet...

And I still have a cold...

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