a little taste of me
2001-06-20 23:14:34 (UTC)


out all the guy i have dated. like shane, justin, louis, cortez,charlie,travis, c.j., and to many more to mention i have only really love one of them and that was william jesse adams. my true love.
i met him through my friend katie. she kept like braging about her boyfriend jason and how perfect he was and shit like that. well i thought to myself well i need someone like him. one day at the pool she was in oe of her braging moods again talking about jason this and jason that. she mention that jason had a twin brother and i was quick to jump up at that. she said he was single and had a car. i was like hook me up with him. so me and her went to her house. she called jason and said to come pick her up. so he came to pick us up. his car was so cool. he had and still has and blue neon lowered and system and shit like that. we went to go get something to eat and to his house down in newburg,md. he had a pool in his yard so we went swimming. well i asked katie about his brother and he overheard and said he needs a girlfriend bad. i mentioned that i was free. well jesse had that same car and he pulled up like 10 mintues after we were talking about that. we came over to us and sat down and chilled with us. i got out and got a ciggerette. katie and jason said we looked cute together. me and jesse kind like ignored them but we were both thinking the same thing in our heads. i got jesse to get in the pool. jesse didnt know how to swim so i said you dont have to swim you can just waid in the water. well he did just that. then he said he wanted to date me and i said yes. me and him sat in there kissing each other and holding each other. i reall was happy to be with him. so then we got and out and went to katies house. jesse kissed me goodbye and and said sweet dreams. i was so happy i had butterflies in my stomach. me and katie sat up talking about them two. the next day they came over after work and me and katie had put tons of makeup on and got on some cute outfits. we let the guys inside the house. we sat there and talk for hours. jesse said i have not kissed you hello. and he kissed me.i was so giddy. i had never felt like this in my whole life!!!!! then we went back to there house and went swimming. me and jesse kept splashing each other and beating each other up. we had to get going and me and jesse sat in the back. the ride back to waldorf was realy short. i guess because we were making out the whole time lol. we stopped to get some food from dennys and then we went to katies and they dropped me and katie off. i didnt see jesse for another 1 week. then me and samantha my other friend were on the phone and jesse beeped in. jesse wanted to see me after work. so samantha and jesse came over in seperate vehicles. so my mom wouldnt think i was going with jesse. we got to samanthas house and ordered pizza and played cards. jesse left around 11:00 pm because he had to go to work. samantha and me and her boyfriend always hung out while jesse was at work. then after he got off we would go play pool. three weeks into the relationship me and him were outside of samanthas house and she had gone inside. he said something to me i would never forget. he told me he loved me more than anyone in the world. i started crying and told him that i loved him to. he said he go home because he had to go to work the next day. so i went inside crying my eyes out. samantha looked out me and said whats wrong and i said he said he loved me and she said awwwwwww thats so sweet. i will never forget that. well more to come one me and jesse!!!!