a little taste of me
2001-06-20 22:45:38 (UTC)


justin was shanes best friend and i kinda liked being around him because he was cool to chill with. i spen the might over my friend katies house and the next day we went walking around her neighborhood. a car went by and they honked the horn. i was like whos that. so we followed the car into a court and found out it was justin and his friend jesse. so we sat outside talking to them. justin kept looking at me and saying that i was pretty and he said i had a nice butt. i dont why i think its big lol. but me and him started talking be ourselves and then we started walking. he said come over to the path with me. well i did and i was so nervous because that was shanes best friend. he kissed me and i kissed him. so we kept kissing. i felt weird because i like my ex-boyfriends best friend. we made out in the woods. then after that we walked back up toward katie and jesse. they gave me some ciggarettes. then justin grab my hand and said i want your number because maybe we can hook up or something. so i gave it to him and he gave his number. he called me everynight. i was overjoyed but weird feeling because that was shanes best friend. i dont know why i keep bringin it up but hey i cant help it. we saw each other a lot. we did a lot like go to the mall. one time i went to the mall and i called his house before i left and his mom said he went to the mall and i was ok. i had forgot he was going to the mall. so i went with my cousin and her daughter and her boyfriend and her friends. i went walking around in the mall and i saw justin there. he was with katies brother chris and his friend jesse.i asked my cousin if i could hang out with them until we left and she said sure. so me and his friends went walking and me and justin went outside and we went behind this wall and started making out again. i was so happy i was with him. his friend kept spying on us and then it was time to go. i told bre everything and she gave me advice on guys and stuff like that. one day i got mad at justin for not coming to see me and i never talked to him again after that.