Purple Coffee, Blue Monkies
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2001-06-20 22:44:56 (UTC)


This was written earlier this morning...around 5:05 AM.

I just gott off the fone with Brian. I feel so happy. I
caled him when I was miserable and he made me feel better.
I'm starting to get more and more attached to him everyday.
Not a moment goes by when i'm not thinking about him. He
said that when he knows for sure that i'm not going to break
his heart than we'll go out. You have no idea how much that
means to me. I called him all sad and stuff and now i'm
above and beyond happy. Kelly's right about what she said
before...she said that he cares about me, he just doesn't
wanna get hurt. He's not gonna be hurt any longer. I'm the
only one that can treat him the way that he needs and
deserves to be treated. The whole time I was crying he was
calming me down and saying "shh baby, it's not your fault."
It felt so nice to be cared about again. He kept cracking
jokes trying to make me laugh. He succeeded. What really
touched me was when he said "stop crying, you're gonna make
me cry." He's willing to go to this club and be totally
outta place, just to see me. He's even willing to buy new
clothes for the one night. I'm falling for him. Some guys
aren't worth waiting for a long time for them to build up
their trust. Brian is. I could wait forever for him. This
isn't just some little school-girl crush. This is a honest
to god crush! ;) I feel something with him that I haven't
felt ever before. I can tell him anything. I'll do anything
for him, he knows that. I'm always gonna be here for him
though, regardless of what may or may not happen.

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