Dirty Fractyl
2002-06-18 07:00:15 (UTC)

When you should be sleeping...

You're instead thinking:

I hope Sarah finds someone that deserves her. She is a
beautiful girl that deserves to be loved by someone other
than me. At least I did love someone real and pure, which
is more she could say for me.

I wonder what Aubrey looks like right now while she is
sleeping. I venture to say cute as hell.

I hope Daniela is okay. Being a teenager is not easy.

I wish I could smoke about an ounce of weed right now and
fall asleep. In reality, I guess I COULD, but I would fail
the hell out of my pre-trial release drug test Wednesday

Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bochelli make me cry;
Brightman's voice rings of eternity.

My neck pops every time I rotate it. It must need to be re-

I hope I can have a dog in my new apartment in a few
months, because I sure as hell don't want a roommate and I
was told that having a ferret would make me look weird to

What will I listen to while I sleep tonight? Haydn sounds
tempting, but so does Mozart. And then again, so does
Bach, Chopin, ah...maybe I'll just put three in and put it
on random play.

How long will it be before ants have weeded out the non-
winged version and ALL ants have wings? Certainly, this
should occur no less than a couple million years after I am
dead. Well, I guess that makes it of little to no
consequence at all.

And then it all returns to the first thought:

Why the fuck am I awake?

Oh yeah, I'm waiting for my "anti-psychotics" to kick in.
Oh, the fun of being a medical anomally and having to
adhere to this garbage. I guess it is better than sitting
silently and placing a bullet through my brain though.