a little taste of me
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2001-06-20 22:30:13 (UTC)


i met a guy named shane when i was about 12 or 13. i was going into 7 th grade. it was summer time and i was always at our community pool. i had met him there the summer before. we were really good friends and then i started to like him a lot. well it was not long until we started dating. he was about 16 so i wan excited to have an older boyfriend. i saw him everyday at the pool and i would be with him non stop. he was really sweet to me. but the problem was he did not know my real age. he thought i was 15. so it was hard to bring him around my mom. my mom eventually found out about his age and didnt care at all. which was cool. she let me go to his house everyday. he was a real good kisser to. then i had to go north carolina with my cousin because i always go on vacation with her. he had to go to michigan with his friends so i was really excited to see him again. when i was in north carolina i called collect but the phone cut out so somehow he called back and talk to me for like 5 hours. i was so giddy to hear from him. then it was time to leave for home. we left and and came home. shane had to go to ocean city with his family and the last time i saw him was at the pool. well not the last time but last time we ever saw each other dating. he kissed me goodbye and then when he got back we got in a fight. so we never really talked again. well later on we became friends and he got in trouble with the police. and he went jail for 2 years. me and his mom talked a couple times on the phone but that was it. i wish i could like see and him and we could be friends.

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