a little taste of me
2001-06-20 22:17:58 (UTC)

about me

hi im erika! im 16 years old. im from waldorf,md. this diary is a little taste about me.
i was born november 14,1984 in southern maryland hospital. i was around 5 pounds. i was born at 11:33 pm. so i was almost born nov.15! my parents split up when i was about 5 years old. i was confused at that time. i wanted to know where mommy was all the time. my mom moved out and moved in with another guy. my dad dated off and on and he worked and try to raise us properly. he did a great job. when i was around 6 my mom remarried and so did my dad. i had new brothers and sisters on both sides. by the way i already had a brother who was 18 months younger than me. my stepdad had 2 sons from the previous marriage and my stepmom had 2 daughters. my dad and my stepmom later had another son when i was about 7. i moved all around p.g county in maryland and when i was about 8 i moved in with my mom. my parents were constanly fighting over me and my brother. when i was 12 my mom kicked me and my brother out. a few months later i forgave her and moved back in. but my brother didnt. then when i was 14 she kicked me out again and again at 15. she is a very confused person. now all she does is fight with me. here i am 16 going on 17 in 11th grade. my life is crazy. well come back to see my love life boy is that good.