the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-06-18 05:06:47 (UTC)


music : dashboard confessionals - screaming infedelities
mood: pissed off

I hate KATY .. I mean it this place sucks I wanna move back
to Corpus ! I am freaking lonely .. I feel like such a
looser .. i need a job .. i start summer school .. that
right summer school .. in a week and i am soo not ready ..
I have 3 weeks of that crap ! I am going to be soo
lonely .. no lie ! I needed a change so I cut my hair
off .. thats right I cut it off .. so hah! i hate my mother
she is the reason i am like how I am .. I mean it ..I think
my parents are the root of all my anger .. I wish she would
die ! that way o would not have to deal with her anymore !
and wade told me he loved me tonight .. I was like u don't
even know me and u have seen me once .. and he was like I
have loved u since the min I meet u .. I was freaked
out .. but in a way i need love right now .. no lie .. i
feel very unloved .. I want to drop off the face of the
earth .. I really do .. is it possable to be depressed and
not be diginossed i think so .. i think i am bi polar ! no
lie I really think i am and i think my mom has caused it ..
i think she is way to demanding and i am so glad this is my
last year to live with them b/c I can not handle them .. I
am so serious when i leave she is going to regret all this
crap b/c I will remeber it .. and wait till she comes home
tomorrow and trhe house is a mess . i don't have to clean
it anymore .. or anything .. so screw her and her money ..
and her pompus attitude and everythin .. !!!
I am way better than her and she knows it so she feels
threatened .. so whatev .. fark her !
later *MC