Me and More
2002-06-18 04:32:35 (UTC)


Dear Diary:

Ever want something so bad you would do anything for it?
Well, that's just what I am going trough. Sometimes I wish
I had no feelings then I couldn't be this swept up.

It's so hard talking to the guy you love and knowing that
he doesn't feel the same way you do. I just told him that I
was jealous of Michelle, cuz she got to see, touch and hold

God, I want him so badly n my arms. He's just so sweet,
kind, gentle, caring and sensitive. I also want him bad the
other way too. He just gets me in the right spot if you
know what I mean.

I know things didn't work out between him and Michelle, but
they could meet each others needs, but him and I have so
many of the same needs. I really would like to believe that
there could be something special between us one day.

The thing that really makes me sacred is that when we
finally meet he won't like me because of the way I look. He
says all the time that I'm pretty and stuff, but it's so
hard to believe when everytime I turn around I get looks or
get told I'm ugly in one shape or form.

Ok now that that is out I've got to go. Talk more later.