2002-06-18 04:00:40 (UTC)

Sunday to Monday...

Well, on Sunday night.. we ended up going to subway of
course to see AJ and Chad. Then Tara and i came home and
took care of the garage. This morning, Tara and i went to
the track to exercise. I ran 2 miles. I just chilled most
of the day, then we went to get AJ, Tony, and Calley.. and
we went to Hooters for wings. Then, we went to the
Murrysville fair (how excited.... ew not really.... i hate
everyone from my school). Me, Tara, AJ, and Calley left and
just drove around for a little bit... then we met up with
Snives and Sacca for a bit. Then we just drove around some
more. To top off the night, we stopped at taco bell. I got
home a little after curfew...but no one really needs to
know that... so SHHH!