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2002-06-18 03:57:03 (UTC)


After coming back down from Rockford, she called me. Her
and her friend were satying at a hotel for one night and
she wanted me to drop by. Of course I was jumping at the
chance to see her. We met at about 8:30. It was the first
time I got to meet her friend. The thing that I liked
about her was that she didn't have any problem with me
being there. We got something to eat and then went back to
their room. We sat and talked for awhile. I thought maybe
we were gonna go out on the town or something. Me and her
ended up walking around the hotel and talking about what
happened. I was unsure how she felt about me at that time
but she said she wanted to kiss me. So there we were,
sitting on the steps and kissing. We got up and started
walking again. We both had to use the restroom and when we
were done, she asked me to come into the restroom. She
proceeded to turn off the lights and we made out some
more. Then, we walked out and looked around the pool
area. There we ended up making out again and feeling each
other up. There was a window to the outside there so we
went into the stairway. We were kissing heavily at this
point and groping each other. She opened her shirt and let
me kiss her chest and a couple other things. She had her
hands all over my chest and down my pants. We did that for
awhile but then we stopped. We straightened ourselves out
and went back up to the room. We sat down and talked with
her friend again. After awhile, her friend fell asleep and
we moved to the couch. We were once again kissing and
groping. This time though we went a little further. I had
my pants down around my ankles and she had her shirt off.
We were making each other really excited then we went into
the bathroom together. More of the same ensued in there.
I knew this was right where I wanted to be, with her. We
ended up going back out on the couch and continuing there.
We both had each other really excited. I was kissing and
feeling her up and she was rubbing and stroking me too. It
was sexy, breathtaking, exhilarating, passionate. We ended
up achieving bliss together. Man I loved her. Afterwards,
she was laying against me and actually dozed off a little
bit. Asleep in my arms, how romantic!! That night was
perfect. I didn't wanna leave. I didn't until about 3
am. Him and her were actually not working for awhile so I
thought I wouldn't get to see her, but I did. We met at
parks and parking lots. We would kiss and hug and feel. I
just wanted to be with her all the time. Every time I was
with her I felt comfortable. Her age never bothered me.
Being with her was all I wanted to think about. One day I
told her that I was gonna take off work so we could be with
each other for a day. We met at the mall. I watched as
she tried on clothes, she looked sexy in all of them. We
went to eat in the park. She got a blanket and we sat in
the sun. We did a little kissing there and she carved our
intials in the tree. That was a fabulous day. After that
day, things kinda slowed down. I didn't get to see her as
much. So this is where I'll stop. Might finish it
tomorrow. The future is not set but our past is something
I want to remember.