seeing is believing
2001-01-03 20:46:37 (UTC)

3Jan 12.41(p) today, i have..

3Jan 12.41(p)
today, i have started writing a new story
called "Night Owl." I gave an excerpt to my friend cristina
already. here's the excerpt:
for some reason, i can sense things,evil
things, that come out at night. they crawl out at night and
murder people, human beings, for no reason. I'm not going
to be one of them.
One night, I couldn't sleep because of a strange voice.
I recognized it, but i don't know how. the voice was coming
from outside -- of my window. I took a little
peek. "murderer..." a strange creature kept repeating.
there was one thing i knew, some how -- it wasn't human.

yes, pretty exciting i suppose. yesterday, i went
to the movie theatre with my cousins. what i watched is
102 dalmations. i really wanted to watch the emperor's new
groove, or rugrats in paris. i guess 102 damlmations was
okay. many kids were there to watch it. I guess because i
went to "Edwards Cinemas."