the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-06-20 19:06:23 (UTC)

OKAY !!!!!!!!!!!



okay yeah i am like totally giving up .. greg is not ever
going to get into my life .. you see i mean i knew it would
not work out with him .. oh well i guess maybe i can
salvage a friendship with him but i have never been one to
ask pepole back or even appoligize for that fact i guess it
comes with the whole pride thing ! i dunno !ne ways so yeah
okay new thing ..the Nathan guy you know that hot guy that
sorta started all this .. well he and i have strightened
it all out.. and maybe there can be something .. okay i
know what u thihnk .. that is his friend .. well look ..
Greg can get over it .. i mean i am so going to be friends
with him first before anything .. b/c i am still going to
try to get bubba ! yes Bubba .. you see Darcy and i were
talking this morning and we are goinmg to go see him like
in a week or 2 .. and i am all wooo whoo!!!!
but yeah so can you even relate to this crap .. okay i was
on YM and like this dude and i started to talk and like he
is a freak ! I mean he is all nasty and i am like whoa get
away freak .. i can not get ride of him .. I mean like i am
block him and he switches screen names to get to me .. i
hate it !!!!! god so i am going to just change my name ..
he is a freak !!!!!!!! Do not talk to this Dolphinslayer
person .. i mean besides that is a gay name he is into
little gurls .. he told me he is a pedifile .. so don't
ne ways so yeah .. umm some one imed me on here or whatever
and like did not tell me their name or anything ! humm you
see like .. i kinda wish i knew who reads this thing but ya
know it does not bother me that bad .. ;o
sooo HELP !!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure what to do i am going
home and i am not sure how to deal with my family .. i
mean the fact they hate me does not really help .. i dunno
i need to go and think about this !
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