Living In The Dark
2002-06-18 01:14:24 (UTC)

The Executive Retrad

I am always stunned when I see the lack of academic
intelligence in people who are in significant occupations.
Why is it that my resume can be trashed at McDonald's for a
few misspelled words (which I never do, by the way, I'm
only giving an hypothetical situation), while the
billionaire executives are barely literate?

Even my own boss doesn't know the difference
between "through" and "threw". I have a hard time
respecting those who do not have basic grammar and spelling
skills and yet insist that they are more worthy than I.

I realize that I am a stickler for such things - being a
writer and having found the pen mightier than the sword.
Bad spelling is just a huge pet peeve for me. And this new
e-mail slang and sludge that is developing drives me up the
wall. I don't mind so much the "shorthand", but when people
lose their punctuation and type everything in one blurry
paragraph ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS, I just click it into my
delete box because I can't be bothered to decipher it.


So much a string of words can say
To dare emote, to pass on news
Of course a word can fade away
If you don't mind your p's and q's.


ps.. I am the Queen of the Typo, however...