2001-06-20 18:55:57 (UTC)

the pin in the hay.

im feelin down at this moment.. i have so many things
bottled inside of me dat i think imma just gonna burst out
soon.. well whats new u think.. well i miss baby so much
dats it. it irks me so much dat i cant do anything abt it..
i just miss dy so much dat damned it hurts.. shit thing is
dat it will have to remain dat way like forever.. evryone
thinks we're goin on rosy and everything.. but deep inside
it hurts.. coz there are the parents restrictions.. school
work.. grades to buck up.. these are more crucial
comittments...and i shouldnt whine abt something stupid
like missing someone.. but i cant help it.. i noe i
shouldnt be like dis..i should let go.. but i just want to
be hugged.. be kissed. feel belonged. i noe i noe.. but i
feel so empty.. god! why am i such a bitch.. i vowed never
to interfere in dy's schedules..coz its all jam-packed..for
dy's good.. but somehow, i feel as if i should have a
minute or two there.. god.. i miss dy so much.. imbawling
and crying my eyes out on the internet.. damn dis wretched
world.. i just cant keep dis feeling anymore.. i dont want
to be on standby.. but i noe by bein one, im sacrificing..
fuck u niz! fuck u! dont be a bitch!!!
help me god.. just stop time a while so dat i can be with
my baby... please.. im begging..