The Nightshade Princess
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2002-06-18 00:41:45 (UTC)

Bipolar news

I call this entry "bipolar news" for good reason. The
update I have for you is both good news and bad.
My mother is finally going to try to keep my from
going back to father's home. This could be the liberation
I was so desperately seeking. My relatives have spoken to
her, perhaps a bit too much, on my behaf on this matter.
We know not what my father shall do. He could call the
police and have them take me back, but I am 17, nearly 18,
and do have a choice in the matter. This could also mean
that, until the courts are alerted to this, or until the
case gets to court, that I may be punished with solitary
confinement. He may not allow me to see my beloved or go
out with he and Matt any longer, and my forbid my mother's
seening me until the alloted time every other week. He may
keep me there in the excuse that I am "grounded," or
otherwise being punished for this choice which is not
wholly mine now. I love my mother and wish her the best in
this fight. I am only sorry I was unable to see father's
lies when the case was first brought to court, and my place
questioned. Father's profacy was correct at any rate, that
I would "betray" him (he always brings it down to betrayal
of him personally, no matter how poorly my brother and I
may be treated), and that I would leave him after a time.
I do, after all, come from a family filled with seers and
psychics and witches in some mild form. I still fear his
retaliation, but I must risk all for this.

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