My diary
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2002-06-18 00:25:50 (UTC)

It's always better

Great news! I have decided on something today. It is better
to get laid, then laid back. I can personally say this from
experience, so dont' tell me I'm a bull shitter. Ha ha ha.
Oh, and I have decided that my true friends are like
condoms, they help you through hard times.

Anyway, huge party next week here. I told people that they
only had to bring themselves, drugs, booze and a couple of
stirppers. But the strippers aren't allowed to have dents
in their chests, lol. I'm a nut cake. Ha ha ha ha.

Anywho, oh yeah, I ahve decided that it is possible to be
bi, and be able to choose who you find attractive. Does
this make any sense to anyone, or am i just bullshitting
you? I dunno. Gotta go, l8er y'all

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