2002-06-18 00:22:38 (UTC)

I'm kinda pissed today,

Well, today I got pissed because of my brothers and how I
might get stuck in their future.

I need to get registered to summer school, and fast,
because if I don't I might have to take summer school after
senior year (which would suck), or go for night school. I
can't go to night school though cause it's too much
learning for me for one year. Plus I want to get a job and
have a life so that I can use up this school year and
hopefully have some good memories, and in the mean time
earn up some cash for college, so that I won't be in debt
because of education and not living a normal life because
of that debt until I'm well over 50!

But let's start from the beginning. I tried to wake up my
asshole of a brother for 30 minutes atleast to drive me to
school. He kept refusing because driving me to school is
suposobaly not his responcibility, and he was in Wisconsin
the whole weekend. He was building some new camp zone for
the boy scouts. But like that is any excuse. Boy scouts is
not a job. It is not his responcibility, so he practically
did all that for fun. Now he's just complaining and trying
to get out of responcibility.
The other one hardly slept all week cause he was partying
and working. Well, atleast he was working.
So I told Arthur that his only responcibility is to drive
me to school, and do mom and dad's bidding. Especially
since he has no job or school.

So I missed breakfast and was almost late to school, when a
maniac was driving me there while smoking. (Which I can't

Later on, 8th period, my group was making no progress for
the final. Mainly cause they were all Tech 1 folk. The one
that was on my level and actually had a passion for this
was absent today.

Later I come and realize that they both tried to call, and
both terribally failed. SO I gotta Ditch class tomorrow so
that I can take care of this, cause god knows no one else
will help me.

Well I think there's more, but I gotta go. So toodles