Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-06-20 18:25:59 (UTC)

Much Better

I just got done with my workout, and I feel tons better!
Why in the world did I get lazy? This is an awesome
feeling! I'll probably do a little more later since I'm
not getting my bike ride in, and to make up for my slacker
day yesterday.

You know, I noticed something as I was filling in my
exercise log today. The days that I haven't done a little
self-hypnosis the night before, I've slacked off a little.
I guess it really does work!

I met Adam yesterday, and it was awesome. He is just as
adorable in person as I hoped he'd be, and he is so sweet!
We sat on the couch together and talked for 2 hours. (Too
bad it couldn't be longer, but they had to get back and I
had to go to work.) We had a great time!

I don't care how much someone tries to deny it, no matter
what your age, it's always exciting the first time you hold
someone's hand. There's always the little game where
first, your arms are touching, and neither of you move
away. Then, the backs of your hands touch. Then, one hand
is over the other just a little. Next, you kinda put them
together. Finally, one of you gets the nerve to interlace
your fingers. It's so simple, but so intimate...

As we were saying goodbye, I got a sweet kiss on the
cheek and a huge hug, and I promise that he'll be back up
here as soon as he gets the chance. I smiled like an idiot
for the rest of the day. He's such a great guy!

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