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2002-06-18 00:04:31 (UTC)

my alright monday

My day went relatively good. There really wasn’t anything
bad or good that happened today. It was just the Monday
type of stuff. I went to pe like I always do. I was hoping
really bad that we didn’t have to dress and luck was with
me, we didn’t dress. YAHOO!!! That was a plus. Then I went
to second period. That was alright I guess. Nothing bad nor
good happened there. Just worked. How fun!! Then came
nutrition. That like always is really fun. No class. Just a
break from the day. Yeah. I found out some interesting info
tho. It was about astrid aka Pamela. I found out she
fainted in the pool which made Amanda have a pretty fucked
up weekend. That sux. And I also heard that her sister was
flirting the whole time with david while she was fainting.
That is pretty jacked up man. Anyway then third period
somehow made its way to come. That class sux. I don’t like
ms spindola or the way she teaches her class. I dread going
to that class but thankfully its already over in two days.
Yea again. Thank the holy god for that. Lol lol lol lol. So
then 4th came around also. That class was all right today.
It was like 2nd not bad or good. Next up lunch. Yea yea yea
yea. Its finally lunch. So lunch was cool but of course
they always are. Lol. Lunch actually went by kind of fast
today. I figured that once 4th period is over the day is
pretty much done. Fifth and sixth are a breeze. The only
thing that stinks is I have almost 2 hrs of it. Ahhh...what
am I going to do? I hope we at least have a test or
something cuz I cant stand 2 hrs of just painting. How
boring will that be. Very. So then 6th came finally. That
class was kool as it always is. We were supposed to watch a
performance of romeo and juliet but the group didn’t do it
so that was a bid mess. Instead we had a test. Lucky us. It
was sort of a pop test. I hate those. Thankfully I paid
attention during the play and got a c on it. I could have
done better but o well. I will settle for a c. its still
passing right? Right. So I think I better get going to
studying. Since if I fail these finals I wont pass ninth
grade unless I go to summer school which is another thing I
am dreading. Ahh…again what am I going to do?? Sometimes I
hate life. Oh but one day I was having a real good time on
was Saturday. But that’s in another writing entry. Until
then. TTFN aka ta ta for now. Lol. Peace later dayz. Im out.