nobody cares
2002-06-17 23:40:11 (UTC)

im stuck in between two guys

pros and cons of jason and jon

Jason cons
hes a little over wieght
he uses to much tougue
he loves me when we are only dating
he doesnt care about his marks at all
he works the whole summer practically

Jon cons
a little over wieght
uses to little of tougue
hes very fast and rough
cant count on him most of the time
hes working most of the summer

jason pros
he treats me as a queen
he cares about me
he says he will never hurt me and so far he is very gentle
he keeps track of how long weve seen each other(5 weeks and
two days)
he cooks
he gives me the best masages
he plays with my belly button so great
he pays things for me

jon pros
hes funny
he knows wut hes doing
he doesnt mind doing things in front of other people
he doesnt have much of a life so hes usually always around

i guess its kinda clear who i should go steady with
although they both want me unless anyone has any suggestions