Emerald Spirit
2002-06-17 23:08:41 (UTC)


One of the best parts of my day anymore is coming and
sitting in this computer room with the cat in my lap and
working on my journal. Granted I also use the computer as
a escape from reality too..

Release yourself from all obligations and recognize that
the commitment you make is to yourself. -- This came off
the mailing list that is been my primary motivation to
getting into journaling on a consitant basis.. Its really a
true statement there too.

The questions that have been being asked in the list are
getting to the diffcult, uncomfortable, why do I have to
anwser them stage.. I'm fighting with myself on it.. Its
somehow the time just disappears from doing the work.

Meaning I don't want to do it, why are you doing it? Why
not let the past be the past.. There is a lot of pain in
that.. Let it go. Keep thinking though.. Letting it go
does not mean burying it under a pile and forgetting it
ever happened either.

I woke up from about 3 hours of sleep and made myself gett
up on this computer and write this all down while it was
still fresh in my mind.. allowing myself the experince of
it all.

Experinces are teachers, honoring the lesson is the hardest