2001-01-03 20:14:55 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Jan 3 2001 Today..

Dear Diary, Jan 3 2001
Today was my first day back at school. It was so boring I
thought I was going to pass out. So anyway im sitting next
to Matt at lunch and were talking about nothing really.
Then he made some crack about being glad that we were such
good friends and i thought I would scream. I dont think he
is ever going to see me as more than just a friend and its
driving me up the wall. Dallas asked me out again today and
i had to turn him down because im so into matt. Dallas is
nice enough and hes not bad looking im just not into him
the way i am with matt. Kevin is mad at me AGAIN. I dont
know why this time but he wont even talk to me. Im not
going to apologise for what i dont even know i did. Well
bye for now. LOVE: Hallie