Same Drug
2002-06-17 22:02:54 (UTC)

LiTtLe DiScOuRaGe

it doesnt seem to matter what i acheive in my life.... its
all worth nothing.

i found a mountain on my own... trust history to say its

i have such low self esteem but i find it easy to cover up
by using bigheadedness..... but all i need is a little

i love my boyfriend very much and when i feel like i am
nothing he gets very angry... but there is so much i wish
he would tell me and trust me. but he is such a deep person
i shall never know everything.

he is a very gelous person also.... and this keeps me from
spending time with my friends. i dont know what to do about
this. when he gets annoyed at me its the worst feeling ever
its enough to stop me doing stuff with my friends
especially my male friends.... all i need is a little
discourage from him to stop me doing anything. it shouldnt
be like this but it is and ive spoke to him about it... he
knows he shouldnt get angry so when he does and i ask whats
wrong he says "nothing" coz he knows its something stupid.

there are two people i really miss also..... one is totally
out of reach and the other has changed so much... its like
a diffrent person. i have no-one i want more than these two