Same Drug
2002-06-17 21:39:49 (UTC)

The Return

not that anyone bothers to read this.... but im gunna start
writing in it again. the reason i stopped was because my
Boyfriend found it and there was a big icky mess. im not
sure if any of body knows about "livejournals".. but quite
afew of my friends own them and they are used to bitch
about people who will clearly read the bitching or to tell
the whole world how you hate yourself and want to die. i
know about depression.... and if you have it the last think
you do is confess your pain for the world to see and put
the link atthe bottom of every email/forum message you send.

it is with this note i tell nobody i know about my diary.

I bet you'd never come down
From your tower for me
I'll let you take it real slow
While I try to decide
Never would've loved you
Should've left this town
Never would've loved you
But everything got turned around...

He's nothing but the same drug.... i cant get rid of him
even after all this time and distance he's still there and
i know even though i have moved on he will always be there
in the back of my mind to haunt me in everything i do and
judge my every disision in life.

i shall spend the rest of my life with him at the back of
my mind...

the boy i shall never see again.