Ad 0:
2002-06-17 20:52:18 (UTC)


dearest confessional.

i miss issac.

i tried dating. ... and none of them even remotely compared
to him.

god. i adore him. i miss him.

i want to make love to him... i want to hold him. i want to
breathe him in. i want to make him breakfast and listen to
him play the guitar... and i want to write music for him.
and i want to sing to him. but mostly. i just want to be
near him.

i graduate... in less than a year. almost a year...
whatever. then... i have to do something about my
infatuation. i have to either have him near me... or put
these pulsing feelings aside. ...


i adore him.

aren't i supposed to be the "aloof" chick? ...

no. i don't want that. i want him. him himissac him....

fuck i miss him.

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