My Diary
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2002-06-17 20:44:19 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

Today it will only be 1 month before my vaction to
Flordia will start!But I have a problem I am afrid that I
or one of my family members will get bit by a shark!
The only thing I can think of to do is to not swim in
the ocean just to swim in the hotels pools!My mom said that
everything would be alright if I go.I said ok.I am still
not gonna swimI said to my self!
Well we r leaving the 9th.We would go to
gorgia,kentucky,and tennese.And on the way back.I am afird
for muy cousion SHE is a surfer and her back is in pain.sHE
HAD SURGERY.She will go with us to Daytona.But first we r
going to orlando.Well thats all for now if u have any
answers just leave me a message.


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