Visions Of Life
2002-06-17 20:30:45 (UTC)

Drafting~ Yuck

Okay, this is a random topic...I think females should also
be drafted into the military if needed. its quite sexist to
assume only a guy is good enough to defend our country/
kill a bunch of innocent people. Im a chick and tougher
then most guys and I know alot of chicks who kick some
majorass and i know a bunch of guys who cant push over a
fuckin poodle. So this sexist bullshit should be dropped.
How can women be treated equally in society when the
government wont even treat them as equals...

Note: If i was drafted, Id be one of those glorious psychos
burning the draft card. I dont like the military. I think
it is barbaric and that it doesnt acomplish anything. But
thats just me.. Personally, im not a fan of killing
innocent people but i guess alot of people are..

I am so happy right now. Still jobless but i crossed a new
line in my relationship and am pleased...