My Endless Thoughts
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2001-06-20 17:42:36 (UTC)

I can't stand it anymore.

Well everytime i start one of these things i stop or i
forget i started it. I think it would be really good for
me to write in here so i am going to. Well i went and saw
my shrink today. We covered alot today. I realized that i
make myself dependent upon guy. I feel the need to always
have a guy by my side. Its always been like that and i
just keep getting hurt. So now i am on the path to
independance. I want to do better. Fix all the
relationship with friends i broke. Clean up my act. Get
it all together. It will be hard but i am gonna do it. I
am just so sick of being friendless. I mean i used to have
alot of friends. Till i stepped all over them just to fill
that nedd of having a guy there. I stole guy from all my
close friends. I hurt them and in the end it just ended up
hurting me. Well i will write more later.