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2001-06-20 17:23:06 (UTC)

Me and Roque..........and Raul

June 20,2000

So, Roque and I have been together for 4 and 1/2 months;
that's a really long time for me. I do like him alot, but
sometimes I just wanna go and have fun. Take this Friday
night for example..... I plan on cheating on him. I met a
really nice gut in Calexico a while back and I talked to
hime 2 days ago. I'm going to Calexico to see him on
nite. I've only told one friend of what I'm going to do
she's okay with it. Not that what I'm going to do is okay,
but life goes on......and how will he find out!? I haven't
talked to him in like 2 days. I know he still likes
me...... he says he loves me. I was at his house Sat.
we were in his bed for 3 hours. We did almost everything
but SEX! And we would've done that if I hadn't been on my
period. I think I'm More ready than he is, that's
okay.......I'll wait for him if he really doesn't want
but I do! I want to be with Roque for the rest of my
but I want to have fun also, ya know, not settle for the
first guy you find, not saying that Roque is bad.
HHHhhhhhmmm............this wasn't really thought out. I'm
not changing my mind though..... Raul and I will be
Friday nite!

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