Deep Down
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2002-06-17 19:46:51 (UTC)

Oh Faithful Sharpie

She thinks I forgot about her
Sweet, sweet un chien.
Don't look at me with those puppy eyes Maui.
Anyways....I need to stop love-talk to my dog....the guys
all think I'm pathetic....oh well.....

*Shakes head*
I never forgot about her.
Every moment, of everyday I thought about her
I'm just really ill
Well, I was.
I am NOT a ladies man either.
I think they use me.
Just because they "think" I am "good-looking."
Just because I'm in a "band".
What is "good-looking" nowadays?
I thought Billy Idol was good looking back in the day for a
man (I'm not gay Jen!) but I guess some would disagree with
*Shrugs helplessly*
I am the same as I have ever been
Ever will be
Hopeless romantic with my little guitar,sitting on my porch
swing overlooking the ocean, smoking my ciggs, sipping
my "Happy Tea", singing down to my faithful pup.
Days like this I am thankful for.
Now, if only she was by my side.
I am so proud of her, she'd never know.

I wonder if she thinks I'm too sappy. *Scratches head,
picks up guitar and plays "Paint It Black"*

I'm going outside to smoke and talk to Matt. Man I need a

Ike & Ike (Hmmm....candy.....tempting)

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