Big whoaday
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2001-06-20 17:12:16 (UTC)

Wed night!

Dear journal,
Once again it is Wed! Time For church on this wed,June
20th,2001. It should be fun, supposing me and Andrea don't
get into an argument. But i should have a great time
because i am going early to play the drums which is my fav
thing to do!!!! Well that is basically all i have for
today, other than to tell you yesterday i went to faith
visitation then went out with my Boy Ben Poole and we hung
out for a while. I am going to be a senior in highschool
and ben is going to be a senior in College. Since i hang
with him and he hangs with the college kids, i get to hang
with them like i did last night, June 20th,2001. It was so
much fun and i think they enjoy my company which is cool.
Well i gotta go, i'll talk to you later, Peace!!

Brian Norris
June 20th,2001

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