The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-06-17 18:59:52 (UTC)

Moving on, Moving on, Moving on and on and on

Wee, I stole a blink 182 lyric. Lol

Well high school is almost offically over. I just gotta
graduate. Woo. I have my placement exam at FLCC tommorow.
Yeah college. I get to make new friends, meet new girls.
Its gonna RAWK my world. Its gonna be a great experince.
For now Im just gonna work on getting my licesnce. Thats
my main goal this summer. But yeah who knew it would come
this quick. I mean its over. No more high school. Woo
Hoo. Well I'm feeling really good. I cant wait to see
what the future has in store. Its gonna be great. So
much to look foward to and no one can hold me back. Well I
gotta go get ready for work so, so long for now.