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2002-06-17 18:00:31 (UTC)

issues with dad

yesterday was fathers day. so i went to my moms parents in
the afternoon and they are like wjen are you getting that
car. and then that night i went to my oher grandparents
house and my aunt lisa was like so did u get a car
here is the deal with my car. i have 2200 in the bank. then
i put in 700 from my graduation= 2900. then my job starts
next week and i will make at least another thousand by
august. before my dad was like i can chip in a little. so
im thinking ok i can afford a nic car if they are helping
me out. so im all excited. i should have known better. so
then i am talking to himthe other night and he was like
well u wont get a nice car for 4000. so that implied that
he no longer will help me. and then today my mom is like he
might be losing his joband he isrealy down about it. so i
am like great perfect timing. im suposed to be starting
colege in 2 months and i am without a car and i need a new
computer. plus i need to pay my own phone bill. i am
stressing out so badly also i need new clothes for work and
i have no money for that. so i dont know what to do. i feel
selfish but my parents always get my hopes up and let me
down and im scared that they arent thinking.
last night i slept over at maggies. when she goes to
work at camp i will be so alone. i feel like a cornered
rabbit the way ive woried lately, also I NEED TO GET LAYED