2001-06-20 16:55:18 (UTC)


~*Today my sister has her friend coming over from
dance.She is spendin the night tonight.I wonder if my mom
will let me have someone spend the night too bc i know
their going to be talking bout dance stuff i will be left
out like usual.Oh well im going to be in dance next year..i
jus hope thats what i should do.My dad and teresa were
trying to get me to go to some college that i dont want to
go to.I hate it when ppl do that.They were vtalkin bout
going to Norfolk state or something.My teacher last year
was like i better not catch yall going to norfolk state
lol.But he wants everyone to go to his college.I want to
get out of this state for real.I dont like it round here.If
i do go in virginia it will be far from where i live.I keep
havin this dream where Jess gets stuck in a fire and i save
her kids from her.I end up taking care of them b/c i feel
like its my responsibility or something.i have very
descriptive dreams.Like i have to pick josh up next year
from school b/c he gets in a seems so real.I
would tell u everything but its not important.I told my mom
bout it and asked y and she said ur prolly not happy with
the way jess is bringin them up and u were "savin them from
her".lol why couldnt i figure that out.i am so slow
sometimes.Wes was speedin round and round the block bc he
got a new engine or somethin.We were gettin very nervous
b/c we have a lot of kids and pets in r neighborhood(we
were over sarahs)and we were afraid he would hit one of
them.Im goin to go bc i dont want to waist my time on
here.I hope my mom changes it soon.


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