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2002-06-17 15:47:26 (UTC)

Scary Movie 3

Here my version of scary movie 3 if there is anothner
one. here are my 4 charaters. Cindy, Shorty, Ray, Shawn.
Cindy she the dumb one. shorty always high. Ray gay. Shawn
smart one. this is kinda scary and funny.one night this
little girl let out her dog charile so he could take a sh--
she forgot that she had a door and she forgot to colse it.
Dumba-- shawn said dont you have a back door. what is a
back door. What the f--- cindy what do you mean what is a
back door. Dumb people these days shawn said. Shawn went to
go colse it. they came runnin upstair they herd a noise
downstairs.They told ray and shorty. Now shorty was looking
for a new way to get high. Cindy told shorty and he taught
her some moves. Right left right left ungh son ungh son. he said
why dont you put a little slang into it so he taught her
some slang. Shorty said Yo that jaket is titit son yea
mean. So she went out side and tryied it while she was
passing throw the kithcen she said hi mr.killer. then she
went out side. she found some one. she said right left
rightleft ungh son ungh son yo that jacket is titit son run
that sh-- bict- yea mean.then she went back up stairs.
shawn said did you see the killer. no cindy siad.

to be continued.......

Daddy and cindy are getting married. In Lass Vegas its going to be a
medevil thing. Grandmama took cindey out for a swim suit for the
wedding. She has a bus and a line, which doesnt fit. Cindy said to
daddy when is the wedding. Daddy said wait, wait,wait. she got so
attached to this belly shrit. She wanted to wear it to winter school
but she knew that Mr.Ear would bite her ear off. then theres the
wedding. ray was waring a thong. Cidney was waring suit of armour.
Shorty was warped up in a sheet and cindy lite his hair.well shawn
was dressed up like bill gates. Daddy said is this a halloween
party?!!!!!!! I mean how many people dress up like joe. Cindy you
dressed up in a suit of aurmor cindy your a women i dont think i
should marrie you. no please marrie me cindy said.

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