Evil Elvis
2002-06-17 15:34:16 (UTC)


I forgot to update this thing....nothing much to say

Had a pretty good weekend, went to see Spiderman and LOVED
IT!!!!!! My favourite comic book super type hero and he's
finally on the big screen without looking ridiculous!!
Seriously impressed, to the extent that on saturday I
declared it "better than Star Wars"....possibly a little
hasty, but it was very good and had way more emotional
content, even though you knew they weren't gonna die....I
think that's the problem with the new Star Wars
trilogy...you know what's gonna happen, you just don't know

Jaxx and I made a curry too, not very exciting I hear you
cry....pffffft...it was too!! And I had to buy a wok to do
it...I'm so much the domesticated man, buying household
stuff instead of cds or star wars toys :) Made me feel all
mature and sensible for a second....only a wee second

Still happily in love with my jaquamaline too....she's
really sooper. We're still getting on so very well, I'd
never imagined I could be so happy with someone...it's very
weird but totally cool.

Donna has this week off on holiday, so I have to come intop
work myself...waaaaah!!! Don't like walking from Charing
cross alone in case people look at me and laugh or
something...I know, I know...I have irrational fear of
other people....

Work sucks at the moment, there's potential that we're
going to be made redundant again....the firm are looking
into outsourcing their IT support again so that would be
bye bye to me....I don't even care enough anymore to worry
about it....if it happens I'll deal with it...somehow :S

Ah well, looks like I did have some stuff to say after
all...I'll bog off now and try and look busy before I head